Stock Watch

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Sales and Distribution:

StockWatch’s sales & distribution module manages complete sales cycle right from customer inquiry, quotation generation and order processing to final delivery of goods. It empowers company to scrutinize and explore sales data and easily accomplish sales activity without any interruption.

  • Feed enquiries from potential and existing customers
  • Maintains detailed database of customers.
  • Links up accounts with inventory to record accurate transactions and avoid duplicate entries
  • Calculates order as per price offered, taxes depending on changes and individual requirements
  • Manages order processing and dispatches, invoice generation with advance adjustments

Sales Product summary reports, Sales order reports, Delivery reports, Sales invoice report, Sales analysis reports

Production Planning and Control:

StockWatch’s module of production ensures proper utilization of organization’s complete manufacturing capacity, components. It provides real-time interface from where entire manufacturing process can be monitored. It helps organization lower manufacturing cost, increase operational efficiency, diminish downtime and streamline the whole process of production.

  • Maintains bills of material, routing and work centers giving clear understanding of production requirement and process.
  • Tracks amount of input, output, wastage, by-products and overheads that help management in efficient production planning.
  • Material requirement planning on the basis of sales order and production plan

Production order summary, Production order tracking


StockWatch purchase module manages complete purchase cycle right from supplier P.O. generation and order processing to final delivery of goods. It empowers company to scrutinize and explore purchase data and easily


Purchase Product summary reports, Purchase order status, Delivery reports, purchase invoice report, purchase analysis reports.

Inventory Management:

This module of StockWatch covers the biggest part of organization’s current asset, which is, inventory. It deals with all the issues related to stock like determining stock requirements, setting objectives, examining item usages, adjusting balances, and reporting stock status, which ultimately helps to retain optimum level of stock in the organization. It works as a backbone giving organization a complete control over quality, quantity, issues, dispatches and receipts of stock.


Opening stock reports, Stock summary, Goods receipt reports.

Plant Maintenance:

This module of StockWatch takes care of overall maintenance of machines and equipment’s.


StockWatch helps inculcate complete control over financial operations across the organization. It has Payment Module, which examines each and every transaction with appropriate reporting facility that helps organization to spend aptly. It is flexible and powerful solution that facilitates all functions of accounting for instance ledger accounting, accounts receivables and payable, Cash/Bank transactions, voucher postings & reversals, document maintenance, computation of interest, etc.


Ledger Reports / Summary, Cash Book, Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statement, Stock Balance / Ledgers, Overdue Reports, Sales / Purchase Registers, Voucher Extracts / Summary.