Test Driven

The most important factor in the implementation of a new application for any business is the knowledge that it will work correctly every time its used. Sovereign ensure this is the case with all of our solutions by implementing a software development technique known as Test Driven Development, or TDD.


High Maintainability – Test Driven Development

TDD uses short development cycles based on pre-written test cases that define desired improvements or new functions,for example a messaging function. Rather than write the entire code,TDD allows us to develop small parts of code and ensure they function correctly before release. In summary we : Add a test > Run all tests to see if the new one fails > Write some code > Run the automated tests and see them succeed > Refactor code > Repeat. This technique means that all of our applications are released almost bug free,that your applications works the way you want it to, and that the overall cost of development and maintenance is greatly reduced.

To find out how Sovereign can use TDD to create an industry leading application, which can save your business time and money,get in touch today!